Replacement Puzzle Pieces (pre 2003, non-laser cut)


Please list pieces you need, the name of puzzle they are from, and if they are laser or scroll saw cut.

There are 3 options to replace your puzzle map piece.

If your puzzle was bought after August 2002 it may be laser cut.  You can tell by looking at the cut where the land meets the water.  If the vertical edge looks brown (burnt) the piece is laser cut.  If it looks white it is scroll saw cut.

0ption 1. 
For laser cut pieces:
Laser cut pieces are interchangeable and easily replaced.  Just tell us which pieces you need.

0ption 2.
For scroll saw cut pieces:
We must hand cut and custom fit the piece. You need to ship us the whole map to fit the piece. 

0ption 3.
If you have a scroll saw cut puzzle we could sell you a laser cut piece (unpainted).  The fit will be close but probably will not fit.  You can shape the piece to fit and paint it yourself.  Cost for raw laser cut piece is $4.00 plus shipping.

We can also sell you a small vial of paint for $4.00 per vial.  Colors may not match perfectly.

Or fax your inquiries to (931) 498-2949

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Price $20.00