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    Hand Washing Stand Sorting Trays Place Setting Puzzle
    Hand Washing StandSorting TraysPlace Setting Puzzle

    This toddler hand washing stand is 19-1/2" tall, 23" long, and 17-1/2" deep. You provide the water pitcher, towel, soap, etc.

    In Montessori, sorting should be done left to right as is the configuration of these trays. 

    How to set the table according to Emily Post.  After using this puzzle assemble the real items and have a place setting lesson. We offer a simple and an elegant place setting with additional soup spoon, salad fork, desert plate etc.




    Tic-Tac-Toe Nutrition Plate Food Pyramid Puzzle
    Tic-Tac-ToeNutrition PlateFood Pyramid Puzzle

    What is the first game you ever played?  Use this material to teach graceful winning and losing; a grace and courtesy lesson.

    Here is the latest nutrition information from the US government.
    Much more information can be found on the website:

    Food Pyramid Puzzle




    Traffic Light Puzzle
    Traffic Light Puzzle

    Traffic Light Puzzle