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Dollar Board Coin Boards Stand for 4 Coin Boards
Dollar BoardCoin BoardsStand for 4 Coin Boards

Dollar Board: one dollar equals 100 pennies.  This is a good focus and concentration lesson. Chidren love money and some children who have not focused on other lessons may finnish this lesson.

Teaching coin equivalents? We have 4 coin boards that show all the possible combinations of pennies, nickles, and dimes. Then use the Quarter combination lesson for combinations through quarters.

Stand for 4 Coin Boards




Coin Board Quarter Combinations Set Washable Ink Stamp Pad Paper Dispenser
Coin Board Quarter Combinations SetWashable Ink Stamp PadPaper Dispenser

First use our coin boards for pennies, nickels, and dimes, then the Quarter Combination is appropriate.  Students put inserts in a controlled tray, put in the coins and then stamp the answer.  This is a popular lesson and never on the shelf.

Washable Ink Stamp Pad comes in  large.

This dispenser holds adding machine tape which the child can tear.  Note: no sharp steel edge, child safe. One of these is included in the quarter combination lesson.




Quarter Combination Carrying Tray
Quarter Combination Carrying Tray

Tray for carrying the Coin Board Quarter Combinations Set.
Items on the tray are sold separately.