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Movable Alphabet-Med.Manuscript Movable Alphabet-Med.Manuscript w/Capital Letter Lid Capital Letter Lid
Movable Alphabet-Med.ManuscriptMovable Alphabet-Med.Manuscript w/Capital Letter LidCapital Letter Lid

Our letters are acrylic, ten of each letter in the box, red consonants and blue vowels.  Long and narrow, the box fits on a shelf!

The Movable Alphabet Box with a lid containing 1 each of all the capital letters!
Get your lower case and capital letters all in one box with two nesting lids.

The Capital Letter Lid fits as a lid on top of the Medium Manuscript letter box.
Use the old lid as a tray and replace it with the Capital Letter lid.




10 Silent ā€˜eā€™ - Med.Manuscript
10 Silent ā€˜eā€™ - Med.Manuscript

10 Silent ‘e’