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Map Stand for 3 Maps Map Stand for 4 Maps Map Stand for 8 Maps
Map Stand for 3 MapsMap Stand for 4 MapsMap Stand for 8 Maps

The map stand is made of oak. Assembly required.  Designed for a young primary that will not use the other continent puzzles.

Map Stand for 4 Maps.  Designed for a slightly older primary classroom.  Put in the 3 basic maps and rotate out the continents one at a time.

Map Stand for 8 Maps




Map Stand for 9 Maps Map Cabinet Map Cabinet
Map Stand for 9 MapsMap CabinetMap Cabinet

Map Stand for 9 Maps.  For our northern border states here is the opportunity to add Canada.  For our southwest states Mexico can be added.

Map Cabinet
Holds 4 Maps and Controls
Made of baltic birch plywood.  A map cabinet gives more storage than a map stand. Control charts sit in the bottom. An extra slot can hold a solar system puzzle.

Map Cabinet
Holds 8 Maps and Controls




Map Cabinet Control Chart Stand
Map CabinetControl Chart Stand

Map Cabinet
Holds 9 Maps and Controls


Control Chart Stand
24-1/2" tall, 3-1/2" wide.
The feet measure 6" wide.