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Altar on Platform Altar with Panel Ends on Platform. Lecturn with Angle Support
Altar on PlatformAltar with Panel Ends on Platform.Lecturn with Angle Support

This Altar has 4 legs. We also make an Altar with panel ends.

Altar with Panel Ends on Platform.

Lecturn with angled supports pictured on left.




Lecturn with BlockSupport Baptismal Font Ten Commandments tablets
Lecturn with BlockSupportBaptismal FontTen Commandments tablets

Lecturn with Block supports pictured on right. This is the design in the manual.

Baptismal font Ready to Use (RTU).

Ten Commandments engraved on two tablets, hinged for convenience.
Each tablet measures 9" wide and 13-3/8" tall.




Scrolls, 1 set Scroll Stand
Scrolls, 1 setScroll Stand

We have allowed 26" clearance for the normal 24" timeline, which can be attached with double sided tape.

An angled stand lined with black felt holds the scrolls in place.  The stand is 41"tall, 11"deep, 10-1/4" wide.